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Congratulations to Yike Optoelectronics for passing the ITAF16949 international standard quality man

After years of preparation and system improvement, in November 2018, the IATF16949 international standard quality management system certification was ...

2018 Spring Canton Fair Invitation

2018 Spring Canton Fair will begin on April 15th,welcome to visit our booth 2.1Y77/2.1Y78, we will show several new products there including car LED h...

Yike-Cnlight Automechanika Shanghai 2017 Booth 4.2F85

Welcome to Yike-Cnlight Booth for Automechanika Shanghai 2017! Booth Number:4.2F85Date:November 29th ~ December 2nd, 2017Add:National Exhibition and C...

Invitation for MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2017

We Yike will go to the automechanika MIMS moscow exhibition (August 21st~24th), welcome to visit our booth NO. R385 in Hall 7.3. New arrival automoti...


2017武汉国际博览中心展 6月16至6月18于武汉国际博览中心展

New Arrival!! Yike iLens 5000K CREE 8000lm Bi-LED projector lens screw thread version with black fr

New Arrival!! Yike iLens sereis 5000K Cree chips 8000lm bi-LED projector retrofitting lens screw thread version with black frame. Welcome to your inqu...

C05A series 9004 9007 H/L LED headlights conversion kits in mass production

C05A Series 9004 9007 H/L LED headlight conversion kits in mass production, smaller size with perfect light beam, welcome your inquiry!


2017AAITF深圳春季展 第十四届国际汽车服务行业展览会(2017AAITF深圳展)2月15日于深圳会展中心隆重举行 益科及雪莱特公司展位现场人气暴涨,盛况空前,益科新...

Notice for Chinese New Year Holiday

Dear All, Due to Chinese New Year is coming, we will have a holiday from January 20th to February 6th, 2017, any inquires for car LED headlight kits a...

Yike-Cnlight C05A Series car LED headlight bulb kits in large batches production Now!!

Just back from New Year Holiday, we Yike New C05A car LED headlight bulbs are in large batches production now, 32MM smaller size, easier installation,...

Industry News

The importance of LED car lights replacement
The importance of LED car lights replacement
Release on2016-01-12
Environmentally friendly lamp in the case of LED lights, light-emitting principle LED lights material is made of light-emitting diodes with high brigh...   Read More
Abuse of high beam is equal to murder
Abuse of high beam is equal to murder
Release on2016-01-07
First, from the legal level In accordance with the law on road traffic safety in our country the provisions of article 48: in the open street lamp or ...   Read More
Blue summer sun
Blue summer sun
Release on2015-06-19
Sun, clouds, blue sky, shade, cicadas, which is the summer! Look to the sky from the window, you will find this summer season is filled with full of p...   Read More
BMW car development history
BMW car development history
Release on2015-04-14
You know your car, do you know the history of your eyes luxury car it? Next we look at the history of the development with BMW: BMW AG, BMW full name ...   Read More
Breakup Buddies, driving Yunnan, China Yunnan to see the best views
Breakup Buddies, driving Yunnan, China Yunnan to see the best views
Release on2015-02-04
2014 Great Chinese hot movie "Breakup Buddies", the three Qianli Xun Huang Bo flower tours and Yuan Quan loved the song "Dali" induction relax trip. L...   Read More
There are two impede LED automotive lighting market penetration while
There are two impede LED automotive lighting market penetration while
Release on2015-01-29
Recently, the program was finally exposed in the 2015 debut of the BMW 3-Series facelift spy photos, not only to obtain a comprehensive upgrade, and i...   Read More
Release on2014-12-19
都说眼睛是心灵的窗户,对于汽车而言,有一对漂亮的大灯,就像拥有一双漂亮的眸子一样摄人心扉。LED大灯的出现就像是给车头灯配上了“美瞳”,把“眼睛”的魅力...   Read More
Release on2014-12-19
 大智慧阿思达克通讯社9月16日讯,雪莱特(002076.SZ)周二发布公告,公司以增资入股的形式获得深圳市益科光电技术有限公司57.42%股权,以进一步帮助公司在全国范...   Read More