The first entry: standardization to ensure product quality, improve quality standards.
Scope of Article II: product and research and development, design.
Article design quality management processes
Article IV project implementation unit, Department of Operations, Quality Management Division and the relevant units of finished.
Implementing Article Highlights

(A) engineering design Ke Cheng, based on the collection of CNS, JIS, UL and other relevant specifications of the domestic and international data, as well as business, Quality Management market feedback surveys, customer requirements, customer complaints and other information analysis, design new products and improvement of existing products.
(B) the design is complete, try to go through to make, test, understand the problems that can occur when production and whether they could meet the quality requirements of the design.
(C) test that checks for the failed amendments and try to make.
(D) that, together with the relevant test for qualified units to develop materials standards, material specifications, component specifications, product specifications, operating standards, standard working hours and QC project table.
(E) in the case of new product designs by customers order, the test sample for qualified, subject to the Department sent after customer acceptance, came under the order, by planning room for production planning.

(F) engineering data feedback about the units, and indeed execution specifications, standards, blueprints and other design changes to operations.

Article VI of the way after the Quality Management Committee approved the implementation of any amendments thereto.