1. Why is there condensation in vehicle lights?
A:Condensation occurs in a vehicle lamp because the materials inside the lamp absorb moisture from the atmosphere.When the lamp is turned on the temperature of the lamp will increase,which generates thermal convection due to theory of warm air moving upwards and cool air moving downwards. When the warm air encounters the lower temperature,it will cause misting.Therefore,having mist is a normal effect when the inner and outer of the vehicle light has different temperatures.
2. Why does mist often appear on the inner surface of the vehicle light lens?
A:Nowadays,in order to improve the style and aesthetics, most vehicle light lenses are designed without a pattern which makes it easier to notice the mist than those lights with patterns.In addition,the surface of the lens directly encounters the outside air,which causes it to become the area where inner and outer have greatest difference in temperature.
3. Can the vehicle light be demisted?
A:After you turn off the vehicle light,the inner and outer temperature of the light will slowly become balanced as inner the temperature begins to cooling down.When the inner and outer temperatures become balanced the mist will be discharged throughout the vehicle light vents.Therefore the mist will disappear or be reducing to a minimum.
4. Will the mist have influence on the vehicle lights service life or function?
A:After examining and reviewing the test results,there is no evidence that shows the mist in a vehicle light will shorten its service life or affect its functioning. Furthermore,all reflectors have been treated with insulator spray, which prevents rusting or deteriorating of the lamp materials from the mist.
5. Why our LED headlight bulbs? 
A:1. More healthy: no ultraviolet and infrared rays produced, no radiation, little flare and recycle waste. Mercury-free and you can touch it. It’s the typical green lighting source. 2. More durable: it is stable, anti-seismic, resin sealed and not easy broken. Up to 8000-10000hrs which is 10X longer than traditional halogen bulbs. 3. More practical: with smaller size and lighter weight, it spares more space for car design. 4. More brightness: pure and vivid light, no lampshad needed. The optical error is within 10nm.
6. Which Brand Led Chips your LEUKOS Car Head bulb and fog lamp products adopt?
A: LEUKOS Car Head bulb and fog lamp products adopt United States CREE LED beads,For more info pls. check the link: www.Cree.com.
7. How does the heat dissipation ?
A: The product is built in Korea imported dual-ball bearing fan,and with copper core thermal technology to maintain cooler operating temperatures.
8. How to install?
A: Products with integrated design, easy installation, just want to make car cover original car bulbs can be removed and put our lights. Of course, you can also contact our customer service to answer your questions.
9. How to view my models applicable headlight model?
A: You can open the lights to see its base, there will be clearly marked above, you can see the car using the manual, but you are welcome to consult our customer service.
10. How to ensure product quality?
A: 1.a product for export quality, in line with EU quality system standards;. 2.100% in-kind shooting, precise and accurate description of the details; 3.The zero-risk shopping, transportation damage, sent it to us for free accessories. 4.Factory Outlet, the price advantage, quality guaranteed.
11. How do we know the actual brightness of the products?
A: There is a brightness testing lab in our company,which we call integrating sphere testing lab. Lamps attached to the positive and negative and put into integrating sphere energized by irradiating beads' brightness. There will be details of the lumen parameters shown in the computer software inside.
12. Is it waterproof or dust proof?
A:Yes, it is.Our products are waterproof and dustproof can achieve level IP55.
13. Product warranty period?
A:Our warranty period is 18 months, any problems arise during the product can return it to us for free repair.