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Breakup Buddies, driving Yunnan, China Yunnan to see the best views

  • Source:Qichezhijia Forum
  • Release on:2015-02-04
2014 Great Chinese hot movie "Breakup Buddies", the three Qianli Xun Huang Bo flower tours and Yuan Quan loved the song "Dali" induction relax trip. Let Yunnan tourism hot spot this piece of heat to rise again, but unfortunately has not been able to make people pick up a holiday mood to feel Caiyunzhinan beautiful piece of land, probably does not need too many reasons to travel, we only need one to stay away heart, good to feel beautiful belongs to Yunnan.
Of course, travel abroad, feel the beauty at the same time, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of Oh!
The long journey by car, the car headlights also staged a major role in respect of security.
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This is the area of ​​Green Lake Park in Kunming

Lake along the south gate to enter the sky like snowflakes black-headed gulls in general, with a calm lake in stark contrast, see such scenery, people completely stunned, Green Lake Park in Kunming, a treasure worthy of the center, leisure stroll in the park, feed the Black-headed Gull is really very comfortable.

Whether traveling heart ready for it, take a look at Kunming Dianchi Lake, Dali, dual Gallery, Lijiang, this one has a dreamy beautiful place, people aspire and fascinating, the way you can leisurely, do not panic busy, to fully experience the beauty of every minute, do not miss a trace exciting. In the upcoming Spring Festival small holiday, and if you also want to come to a close contact with the beauty of the warm sun, do not hesitate, go!