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The importance of LED car lights replacement

  • 2016-01-12 10:10:30

Environmentally friendly lamp in the case of LED lights, light-emitting principle LED lights material is made of light-emitting diodes with high brightness of lights, color change species rich, long life use, low loss and power consumption less, is now widely used in car lights on.

    LED lights in the car lights in the exterior with the interior can be used, it is converted to electrical energy using an ordinary lamp light 1/10 use of power, and long-life LED lights, because the conversion of light energy with the use of can have less power so it reduces fever, the longer its life, and the use of high efficiency, good light quality, no radiation, no pollution of the environment can be recycled. 

    In addition, the volume of LED lights is small, the position can be free to change, because it looks relatively small, it looks beautiful, stylish, but it is irradiated brightness is very high, its real effect is that the vehicle be identified sex, according to statistics, in foreign driving open headlight, can reduce 12.4% of vehicle accidents, but also can reduce 26.4% of the risk of dying in a car accident. These advantages are also the reason why the multiple visible LED lights on the car.

    EU regulations since 2011, in order to improve traffic safety, all new cars in the EU must be installed LED lights, when the car engine is a start, LED lights will automatically turn on to cause pedestrians, motor vehicles, non- Note that a motor vehicle, driving at night is to use, after opening the driver near light LED lights will automatically extinguished manually.