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BMW car development history

  • 2015-04-14 10:10:01
You know your car, do you know the history of your eyes luxury car it?

Next we look at the history of the development with BMW:

BMW AG, BMW full name is calledBavarian machinery factory AG,However, when BMW introduced into China, people think the name is too long is not easy to remember, so there is a suggestion renamed BMW's Chinese executives, he launched a translation of the English alphabet mixed BMW = BM = BMW, won public recognition result, So there will be a BMW BMW in China this Chinese name on tall.

BMW is one of the world famous auto companies, is also considered a leader in luxury car manufacturing industry. BMW was founded in 1916 and headquartered in Munich, Germany. 80 years ago, it From the initial one aircraft
Engine production plant developed into the limousine driven, and production of world-renowned aircraft engine, off-road vehicles and motorcycles car conglomerate, ranked 20 before the world automobile companies. BMW has also been translated as "Ba Yi Seoul."

BMW's predecessor, is an aircraft factory. They March 7, 1916 was established, initially known for streamlined biplane reconnaissance aircraft manufacturing, as the company's name is BFW (Bayerische FlugZeug-Worke), "Virginia Bavarian aircraft factory", the company founded People Mingjisitan Otto (Gustan Otto), the son of the famous inventor of the four-stroke internal combustion engine.


BMW's first aircraft engine plant (Information)

吉斯坦 height of achievement in aviation, make him with great ambitions for making cars, he later decided that, for the car which wrote a glorious page of history, and that is beloved by fans today thousands of German automakers BMW .

July 20, 1917, Jisi Tan Otto retired, BFW company began restructuring, officially called BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke), English is the people familiar with the Bavarian Motor Works, the depot has two new owners, first bit is a plot and "Shabo slave (Jacok Schapiro), the other a sweet Lou 卡斯丁哥尼 (Camilo CastiGL)Both were later BMW pivotal figure in the history of the development of the depot, the plot and the big businesses is then Daimler-Benz (Daimler-benz)One depot shareholders. Restricted the vanquished in November 1918, the First World War, Germany has become the vanquished, their plane was "Treaty of Versailles" as a "weapon of war" to ban the production, but BMW depot until 1923 before production to car.

Itch five years, BMW has finally strive for the future, they first sell the old plant, then purchased BFW factories, inventories, the BFW's trademark registration, the original trademark BFW's body is still in use today, the final purchase manufacturing rights 入希利奥士 (Helios) motorcycle factory, but later found nothing Helios motorcycle, almost caused the collapse of the BMW, but fortunately they are in aircraft engineering excellence, the chief engineer in the aircraft filet soil (Max Fritz) of assistance, reversing a disadvantage, beginning to lead the company towards BMWbrilliantStart achievement.


BMW Eisenach car factory gates (Information)

From the Dixi (Dixi) to the first car BMW cars BMW successfully acquired Eisenach car factory, which is the success of the production of the Austin Seven "Dixi (Dixi) 3/15 PS" automobile factory. The car has been enhanced in 1929 "2 BMW 3/15 PS DA" brand sold as. The brand's vehicles, including a different outlook. Small car, endless charm. BMW BMW car help the economy survive the Great Depression.


Pictured face to face with the BMW 328 (information)

Supreme quality, elegant appearance BMW 328

In Nurburgring, Ernst Henne won the conventional two liters car champion. 1936-1940 BMW obtained between 120 awards, but in the meantime, BMW produced only 464 cars. Until today, BMW 328 unique aesthetic charm is still the first choice of many fans in mind.

BMW 501: a sign of a new starting point

Spacious four cars, catering to everyone's different expectations, streamlined shape, stature and beautiful, this BMW 501 car at the time won the "Baroque Angel" reputation. Eisenach factory was under the Soviet Union is still in control, which is entirely produced in Munich downright BMW cars. Since 1954, then, the series has added a new BMW 502, a first light-alloy V8 engine has a BMW car.


Golden Twenties BMW 315 PS (Information)

"Economic miracle" and BMW Iseetta

Critics love the BMW V8 four cars and sports cars; but then the BMW Isetta won the favor of the masses. BMW won the production of this length of 2.29 m double car license from the Italian ISO. The car has 12 or 13 horsepower, in the 1950s sold a total of 160,000 Isetta, became the most popular BMW cars of that era, and it also marked the postwar revival of the German economy.


BMW Iseetta (Information)