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There are two impede LED automotive lighting market penetration while

  • 2015-01-29 16:15:22
Recently, the program was finally exposed in the 2015 debut of the BMW 3-Series facelift spy photos, not only to obtain a comprehensive upgrade, and its headlights and LED taillights are used more to make it a highlight of times, not only attracted fans sought after BMW, leaving LED automotive lighting industry talking about.

1985, LED car lights for the first time appeared on the buses, the use of LED brake lights on the 1986 Nissan300zx cars, markingLED car lightsWith age officially began. Then BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and other famous international brands have also introduced LED auto lamps.

Subsequently,LED car lightsDouble-digit annual growth rate, in 2005 the output value reached 546 million US dollars, accounting for 14% of the world LED applications.

In 2000, China first Shanghai Volkswagen Santana 2000 use the LED brake lights, and 70% -80% annual growth rate, in 2006 the output value of more than billion. After 2010, LED auto lamps is more widely used.

Right now, as the country's financial investment for energy saving, LED improved quality and lower prices, LED get in the car more widely used and more people in the industry predicted that by 2015, China's LED industry is expected to reach 500 billion. Thus, LED auto lamps promoted as openly optimistic about the industry's big cake.

How to grasp the future opportunities, share this big cake? Automotive experts have pointed out that for a long time, car lights to incandescent light source as a reference point to determine the lamp lighting design, and the formation of the corresponding software. Lighting norms and standards are also a way to develop the. But the LED light source has its own characteristics, design and manufacture of LED car lights can not simply apply the conventional method, it must make changes in its design and manufacturing methods, and at the same time to developLED car lightsPhase norms and standards adaptation.

He is suggested that, LED auto lamps in the design, there are many problems to be solved. Automotive experts pointed out above, the optical directly related to the main light source lamp parts, mirrors and light microscopy of three parts, collectively lighting group. Among them, the reflector is to increase the light extraction efficiency of the light source and the optical performance requirements to achieve with specially designed mirrors, whose role will be to irradiate light emitted flux on the mirror out by a certain distribution of illumination. And with light microscopy is the role of the mirror reflected light distribution pattern with light through the mirror will shift or scattered light to the desired position, in order to achieve light distribution requirements. Thus, LED light source lamp luminous flux according to the different requirements, the choice of different power LED composed of an LED array.

The optical design is the headlight lamp lighting set design, therefore, the principles of design lighting group primary consideration: First, in line with the overall structure of the vehicle plant on the lights, shapes conceived; the second is to meet the state's norms and standards .