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Abuse of high beam is equal to murder

  • Source:Tencent car
  • Release on:2016-01-07

First, from the legal level

In accordance with the law on road traffic safety in our country the provisions of article 48: in the open street lamp or other lighting good roads should not open the high beam. Open the high beam of the vehicle should be in front of 150 m before switch to the low beam lights.

Second, the abuse of high beam may lead to danger

Abuse of high beam is a sort of "murder". Abuse of high beam is likely to be the driver of the following consequences:

(a) high beam passing can lead to car momentarily blind, is extremely dangerous. Pass my personal experience, on the other side, high beam can lead to the opposite driver in 1-3 seconds time can't see anything, don't look down upon it for 3 seconds, this is not a short time while travelling in the third, fourth, 3 seconds loss of vision, is likely to lead to crash, or even hit people.

(2) in the face of high beam, the driver for the head on the vehicle's speed and distance error, are prone to misoperation. The good explanation, especially for novice drivers, when the opposite situation cannot judge, novice drivers are often not in an orderly way to slow down, control, direction, and usually caused by the tension on the brakes, direction of punching, so to the car, adjacent track car, is a big threat.

(3) the car open high beam can lead to limber lapse in judgment. Vehicle ahead when open the high beam after three inside and outside rearview mirror will appear in the large area of the halo, when your car is shallow interiors, that the car is as open as bright lights. In front of three halo will narrow down your road ahead visual range, if you want to changing lanes or turning, viewed from the rear view mirror behind the situation is impossible.

Third, how to correctly use the high beam

(a) slow down: night vision is not good, slow down always more help than open in safety.

As little as possible to use high beam (2) : now a city lighting facilities is rich, the night is difficult to encounter dark roads, general this under the conditions of driving, try not to use the high beam.

(3) the necessary lighting can be used interchangeably: driving in poor lighting conditions of the road, in order to not affect has a car, high beam can be alternated with dipped headlight, to have a car should be instant when switching.

(4) regularly check their lighting condition: switch to the other side of when faced with frequent lamplight illuminate yourself, should check whether their high beam inadvertently opened.

Disable the high beam (5) the fog weather, because the air transparency is poorer, the light will travel through the air diffusion effect, not only won't let you see farther, it will increase the affect to the car.

(6) SUV models if can adjust the headlight height increase period. Many SUV models because the body is higher, even open the dipped headlights on to car similar to the high beam some visual impact, suggested that often used in the city of owner, if there is a control function of the headlight, try to turn the headlight Angle, to avoid interference of other vehicles.

(7) if the other party opened the high beam you can also use distance cars close the high beam light conversion to remind each other.