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CNlight enterprise culture and Amiba management training

Recently, CNlight managers have a full range training of CNlight enterprise culture and Amiba management to all
 of the members of Yike.

Through the training, we knew more about the history of CNlight.As a list company,CNlight is the  most 
representative of Chinese light source area. 

CNlight always advocates green,energy-saving and environmental products.Except for high technology, 
YIKE also runs for it.

*CNlight corporate philosophy: 
Quality comes from science and technology, science and technology comes from talents;

*Enterprise spirit:
Working hard and united , pursuit of the first;

*Quality policy: 
Technology and innovation as driving force, scientific management as means;
First-class quality guarantee, customer satisfaction as corporate responsibility;
Built green corporate culture, create first-class lighting company;  


*Amiba running model:

Amiba runing model is to saparate the whole company into many small organizations, these small organization 
called Amiba organization.

Every small organization is an independent profit core,it runs just as a small company and small store.

For example,every step of manufacture department can be an Amiba, sales department can saperate each 
salesman into a small Amiba according

To different area or different products.

The key reason of Amiba's success is making company developement direction clear by this kind of runing 
model.And Amiba thoughts should be

Very clear in the head of every member of the company.Therefore,it is very necessary to let every member to 
understand the details of Amiba 

Runing model including the its organization,structure,working way,and the thinking way behind.